Recreation Facilities Utilisation Study

The Xyst team undertook an assessment of the sport and recreation facilities across the Ashburton District, providing key provisions including a gap analysis and trend overview for 17 different sport and recreation activities. To support the analysis, we met with different sport and recreation clubs across the district to understand utilisation of their current facilities, potential future development opportunities and any gaps in provision, access or facility quality. The final report prioritised recommendations and included estimated timeframes and budgets.

Project Benefit

Assessment of the utilisation of Council and privately owned sport and recreation facilities to provide Council with an overview of current and future provision gaps in the Ashburton District.
Client organisation
Ashburton District Council
Open Space Planning
Quality/performance assessments
Sport, Recreation and Community Planning
Sport and recreation strategy
GIS Analysis and mapping
Asset Management
Field data collection
Condition Assessment
Public Amenities
Use monitoring