With experience and expertise across the spectrum of creating, managing and maintaining outdoor spaces, Xyst has had a big impact on communities throughout New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

Feel free to browse through the case studies below to find out how we have helped council, local government and other people working in the public sector to find solutions for projects.

Timaru District Council
A comprehensive analysis of the costs for various service delivery options for parks facility maintenance.
Waikato District Council
The Community Facilities Strategy (CFS) was a key piece of work completed by Xyst which provides strategic direction for Council-owned or administrated community facilities over the next 20 years, from 2024 to 2044.
Hurunui District Council
Assessed local needs for halls to identify a preferred solution between options for the retention of historic halls and other options.
Waipa District Council
Prepare parks hierarchy and technical development levels of service.
Waipa District Council
Update Waipa District’s 2023 Parks, Cemetery and Toilets Asset Management Plans using Council’s template as a lead up to 2024 Long Term Plan.
Bay Venues
A peer review of your asset management approach provides the opportunity for clients to gain access to up-to-date, best practice advice.
Timaru District Council
Prepared Parks and Cemeteries Activity Management Plan for Timaru District Council.
Wingecarribee Shire Council
Documentation of streetscape development and maintenance levels of service and operational service specification.
Wingecarribee Shire Council
Prepared a Public Toilet Strategy and Renewal Plan using Xyst’s public toilet performance assessment tool.