Contract Management and Contract Auditing

Xyst was engaged to manage the Amenity Tree Maintenance Contract and Open Space Maintenance contract for the City of Port Phillip from May 2023 through to March 2024. This included providing a dedicated contract manager working within the City of Port Phillip on placement. Particular emphasis was focused on improving contractor performance, systems improvement, reviewing existing specifications and creating variations where appropriate. Formal and informal contract management training and the development of contract specific templates was also provided as part of the commission.

In addition to the contract management activities, Xyst conducted audits of assets managed under the contract which were used to measure contractor performance.

Project Benefit

Provided Contract Management Support for Open Space and Amenity Tree Contracts
Client organisation
City of Port Phillip
Open Space Planning
Quality/performance assessments
Yardstick - Benchmarking
Service Delivery
Quality Auditing and Monitoring
In-house management support/staff placement
Contract specifications
Programme management