Owen Delany Park Needs Assessment

It was identified that there was a need to clearly understand what recreation activities and facilities were required at Owen Delany Park to support the development of a Masterplan.

Xyst provided support to Isthmus who delivered the final Masterplan by delivering a Needs Assessment for the park. Xyst spoke with current stakeholders, conducted a site visit, and utilised the extensive consultation information provided by Taupō District Council who had just completed a wide reaching community engagement for their Sport and Recreation Strategy.

Following analysis of sport and recreation trends, booking data, and stakeholder input, we delivered a final document outlining both the needs of the site as well as recommendations for further investigation.

Project Benefit

As a part of the Owen Delany Park Masterplan, we delivered a Sport and Recreation Needs Assessment to support the designers with data on what the user needs are now and in future.
Client organisation
Taupō District Council
Sport, Recreation and Community Planning
Sport and recreation master plans
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