Open Space Level of Service Review

The outputs included:

  • Review current Open Space category hierarchy and identify options for improvements
  • Performance assessment of a range of parks across the municipality
  • Undertake a user survey of a range of parks across the municipality
  • Preparation of development levels of service for each of the Open Space Recreation Park categories (T1 – T5) including workshops with all key staff
  • Benchmarking with other similar Councils locally and nationally (through the Yardstick program) to compare levels of service in relation to provision and cost of operation, and approach to asset management planning.
  • Preparation of generic open space embellishment cost estimates

Project Benefit

Xyst were commissioned to undertake a review and development of Redland City Council’s open space levels of service, which included on site user survey and performance assessment.
Client organisation
Redland City Council
Open Space Planning
Quality/performance assessments
Open space strategy
Yardstick - Benchmarking
Intercept Surveys
Service Delivery
Levels of service setting