Review of Open Space Maintenance Delivery

Xyst was engaged to review the Council’s service delivery, with the overall aim of ensuring the service is delivered effectively and efficiently and that it meets the needs and expectations of the community.

We reviewed Council’s service delivery and prepared a report which identified the following:

  1. The true cost of delivering the service
  2. How the service compares to similar councils
  3. Improvements to the service to meet the current and future demand
  4. Develop a guideline to estimate the resource impact of new assets and assist in planning the need for additional resources for the future
  5. Recommend how to improve the service delivery model for Mowing Services – Arterial Road Reserves.

Project Benefit

The key messages in the review relate to the need for the council to consider introducing budget planning processes for operational expenditure related to new assets (council and developer-led). Modernise systems and processes to support service delivery and measure performance and the introduction of a performance-based approach to service delivery.
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Brimbank City Council
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