Parks & Facilities Management

Xyst was brought on board after a thorough risk and performance evaluation of the Mackenzie District Council’s parks and community facilities operations. Xyst was then asked to fill a sudden staff management gap, which quickly evolved into a long-term commitment to manage the District’s public facilities, parks, and community spaces.

Throughout this period, Xyst’s team has provided crucial support to the Council. This has included service reviews, the creation of an asset register, the development of an Asset Management Plan (AMP), the crafting of a Reserve Management Plan (RMP), alongside contributions to the Council’s Long-Term Plan (LTP) and Annual Plan (AP). Additionally, Xyst has formulated various strategies, policies, and bylaws to guide future projects and operations.

In addition to operational tasks, Xyst has project managed a programme of outstanding capital projects and spearheaded initiatives aimed at enhancing the District’s amenities. Xyst has also conducted tree assessments, handled GIS work, and successfully secured funding through the Tourism Infrastructure Fund (TIF) and Better Off Fund. Furthermore, Xyst has also implemented quality auditing measures for the Council’s contractors, ensuring performance standards are met and improved upon.

Project Benefit

The provision of a complete Parks, Facilities and Places management service on behalf of the Mackenzie District Council.
Client organisation
Mackenzie District Council
Open Space Planning
Concept plans
Signage manuals and wayfinding
Open space strategy
Reserve management plan
Wayfinding and Signs
Service Delivery
Service Delivery Review (Section 17a Local Government Act)
Maintenance contract procurement
Quality Auditing and Monitoring
In-house management support/staff placement
Contract specifications
Business Improvement Planning
Project Management
Capital works programme management
Capital works project management
Funding applications
Asset Management
Field data collection
Condition Assessment
Asset Management Plans 
Public Amenities
Public amenity strategies
Performance assessments
Play Spaces
Play strategies
Performance/Play value assessments
Tree inventory and condition assessment